Last week, our big book was "Ratty Tatty Cat" by Jill Eggleton. We completed a range of activities around this book as a part of our writing. We:
- Re-wrote the story in our own words
- Worked in pairs to create a storyboard of the book
- Created our own Ratty Tatty Cats!

It is a great book with fantastic rhyming words and wow words.

Wow we had such a fun time at Omata School. We loved all of the activities that they set up for us.
This week we also wrote thank you letters to Omata School. Here are some of our letters and some photos of the afternoon.

Dear Omata School,
We enjoyed having movement madness. The games were fun. Our favourite activity was the playground one. We also enjoyed having the cookies, they were yum!!

Yours sincerely,
Nate and Koa
Room 3
Oakura School

Dear Omata School,
We are excited for you to come to our school. We liked the frog game and the playground. They were fun. Thank you.

From Nevaeh and Caleb V
Room 3,
Oakura School.

Dear Omata School,
Thank you for the fantastic games. Mine and my friend’s favourite game was the frog game. We liked it because we like it when you jump. We are so excited for you to come to our school.

From Ruby and Caleb L
Room 3
Oakura School

We have been learning all about frogs in our writing lessons. Here are some of the activities we have been doing as a part of our learning.

Labeling parts of a frog

Frog key words

Magnifying flies and drawing what we see

Rhema designed a frog sanctuary with a pond and flies

Miss Des Forge and Miss Farrant dressed as frogs!

A part of our frog learning was to write about frogs. We could choose what we wrote about. Some people wrote about the life cycle, some people described what frogs looked like. This was a chance to bring our learning together. Here are two examples of writing:

The Life Cycle of a Frog
Frogs need calm water to lay their eggs and some tadpoles die when they’re in their eggs. When the eggs have hatched they turn into tadpoles. Then they turn into a frog with a tail and then a normal frog.
By Thomas

Frogs have very special skin. They don’t just wear it, they also drink and breathe through it. They eat flies. They have a long and sticky tongue. They have slimy skin. They don’t have warty skin. Toads have warty skin.
By Ruby P

Cecile from water safety NZ came and taught us all about keeping safe in the water.

We learnt how important it is to wear a life jacket that fits properly.

We also learn about what to do if we get into trouble in the water, or if we see someone who needs help in the water.
Here is a picture of some everyday item you could throw to someone to help them float.

Onsie day was super fun! We got to come to school in our onsies and PJ's. We did a fun scavenger hunt with our buddies. It was funny because Miss Farrant and Miss Des Forge dressed up in matching frog onsies!

Wow! We loved going down to the main road to see the Americarna cars drive by. There were so many spectacular cars with bright colours and loud engines!
We can't wait until next year.

We learnt how to stay safe at the beach. Look at all the fun we had during beach education!